The Babyccino Café  and an After School Chill Out

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A Notice from the Vicar and the Churchwardens

We have been planning for the time when we are able to start two new initiatives in St Laurence Church; The Babyccino Café  and an After School Chill Out meeting point.

The Babyccino café will offer mums and their young children the opportunity to meet and socialise over a cup of coffee.

The after- school chill out (ASCO) will provide a relaxing hour after school for young people to chill out, talk and play games.

We have a list of resources that would help both initiatives and which we would like to start gathering together. If you have access to anything on our list that you would be able to donate for use at these groups, we would be delighted to hear from you! With thanks.

Ali and Liz

Table tennis table and equipment Table football Board games e.g. Twister, Monopoly etc.
Modern games Small cushions Drawing materials, paper, pencils, felt pens
Glue, sellotape, scissors Large floor cushions CD player
Donations for purchase of children’s folding tables and chairs Donations towards purchase of disposable cups, plates Donations for purchase of refreshments
Good condition toddler toys Construction toys Lego, wooden bricks