Alter Servers

The Anglican Parish Church of St Laurence in Hawkhurst follows the Anglo-Catholic expression of the faith. This includes the promotion of weekly attendance at the Holy Eucharist. The role of our Altar Servers is to assist the priest in the spiritual tone and orderly practice of the Eucharist.Our individual servers don’t currently belong to the Guild of the Altar Servers, but they may belong as a matter of personal choice.

At the regular 10am Sunday Holy Eucharist we aim to have four altar servers, but we would welcome some newcomers to boost our numbers and to share the work. These can typically be girls or boys who have recently been confirmed and wish to have a role in putting their faith into practice.

We have a rota so an individual server may choose to serve most weeks or may prefer to serve less often for example perhaps preferring the first 10am Sunday service in the month which is normally an all age Family Service. Others may prefer the Celtic style of service, which is also held once each month, on the third Sunday of every month.

Being a server means that you are being right in the heart of the Eucharist service, serving at the Altar, which makes church-going a lot more interesting, particularly for a younger person.

New Altar servers receive one to one training so that they quickly feel confident in serving. It is often begun by pairing with another server so that you can copy your pair and not feel as if you are on your own.

You will quickly be made to feel very welcome and meet new friends. Watch the servers when you next come to the Eucharist service. In procession you will see the Crucifer carrying the cross, followed by two acolytes carrying candles and finally the MC (master of ceremonies) leading the priest.

Please contact me, Head Server, if you are at all interested and we can take it from there, without any pressure. Mike Appelbe 01580 752367

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