The Vicar is happy to conduct the weddings of couples who live in Hawkhurst, or who have a strong connection with Hawkhurst – for example family.Many weddings take place on a Saturday although we are able to offer other days if that would suit your situation. Many couples like to book their wedding well in advance but we can often do things on a tighter timescale if you are prepared to be a bit more flexible.As well as a beautiful church we can offer the availability of an organist, the choir, and bells for your special day. Both traditional language and modern language services are used – it depends what is right for you. Don’t worry about all the choices – service, hymns, music – we can guide you through these. In the situation where one or both of the partners has been married before, we may still be able to conduct your wedding. The Vicar will, however, want to have more of a chat with you before he agrees.

We also want to offer you the best start for this phase of your relationship so the Vicar will offer you the opportunity to attend informal meetings – usually after the 10am Sunday service, at which he will give you some food for thought about what marriage is about. It is also an opportunity to make sure that all the arrangements are on course for your big day.

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