There have been various enquiries as to how we, as a community, are going to support the refugees from the Ukraine.

If individuals are interested in providing accommodation they need to register with the government website – Homes for Ukraine.

The Church is looking at how we can all work together and the Church of England has produced a toolkit.

In addition we, as a Church, are registering an interest on the Sanctuary Foundation web-site.

We have also liaised with the Clerk of the Parish Council who has put the issue on the agenda for the Parish Council meeting. He is also liaising with the formal routes via the TWBC. We have also contacted the other churches in Hawkhurst. In this way, when we know what may be required we can take a joined up approach to optimise how best we can be a welcoming and supportive community. We need to have a critical mass of refugees coming to the village to take this approach.

As soon as we have more information relating to this and how you can become involved, if you wish to, we will let you know. Please speak to Claire Roberts.

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